Become aware of your talent and strengths.
Overcome fears, increase confidence, overcome illness, remove limiting beliefs,enrich life, and achieve greater success.


Accomplish big goals and make all your talents available to you.

Is there a company you’ve always wanted to work for or job you’ve dreamed about? Or maybe there’s a business you always wanted to start. Would you like to improve your current relationships or maybe find that amazing partner you’ve been looking for? Or maybe you want to travel the world, or learn new skills…..there are far too many possibilities and opportunities to list.


A better foundation for personal and business relationships will lead you to amazing positive change, and all your dreams are only a few paradigm shifts away. Eliminate negative or limiting beliefs in your mind. Discover ways to create more abundance and passions in your life. Reprogram your subconscious to work with you and accelerate your journey to success.


Diane will guide you to maximize courage and confidence using super powerful processes and show you techniques you can use at home on your own to create and receive your dream. Discover where in your life there is “lack” and where to find strength. We can never learn too much when it comes to personal commitment to our growth, development and consistency.


Come meet other open, like minded people and get the knowledge to begin to shape your desires towards the positive attitude zone. Diane loves teaching and paying it forward with what she's learned and experienced in life and will give and teach as many techniques as she can in 2 hours. It’s a jam packed event with tons of valuable tips, techniques and even a few tricks.


Learn the choices we have on how to live life to the fullest and what power we have within us to change for the better.  What we learn about ourselves can also help those we love and care about.






The Dream Receiver Interviews Shows – Interviews from professionals of how they are living towards their dreams and helping others to do the same.

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What others say about Diane

  • Opalyn Llanera

    "Diane is really an awesome mentor. She is so accommodating, knowledgable,friendly and love is always in her heart when she coaches. She is genuine to what she offers. She keeps me on track in everything that I do related to my business and personal life. I will highly recommend Diane to be your next coach."

bob m

A huge thanks to Diane Hume for helping me to work through some challenges.  
Along the way we removed some barriers that were preventing clarity on issues resulting in a huge step forward for me. 
I also suddenly had an increase in activity in my business from an unexpected quarter.  Much Gratitude.
Bob Milliken


Spending the day at Diane’s “Live your Life Now” workshop had me thinking outside the box. Reframing my thoughts allowed me to see that my wants & what was holding me back were really the same thing. Stepping into the characteristics of the person I would like to be like was a powerful exercise, as was experiencing the TimeLine Therapy. All in all it was a fun day and left me feeling calm, relaxed and energized. I had a renewed sense of direction when I left at the end of the day.


Troy Beauregard

"I met Diane through a common social activity. Her passion for helping people was immediately noticed. She had a zest around explaining what she does that quickly held my attention. My l sessions with Diane remains memorable. The comfort she created in our discussions allowed me to openly express many moments in my life that had a definite impact on who I am today. I left that first session refreshed with a better understanding of what was bothering me and holding me back. Diane is truly remarkable at what she does." -Troy Beauregard

Dan Dynneson Social Media Director

Thank you Diane for guiding me through your coaching process. Diane's coaching has helped me to remove blocks that I didn't know were there before. She has opened me to more clarity on my intention in my business. This is important because I now assist even more clients that need exactly what I have to offer them.   Clients continue to express to me that my quality online ads has increased their profits in their businesses immensely. 

I highly recommend you see Diane to guide and assist you in removing any possible blocks you may have and gain any clarity that may be hidden within you. 
Thank you Diane.


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